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APIs are significantly changing how data is utilized, as well as creating completely innovative business models and market dynamics. We at Codencreative specialize in creating enterprise-grade REST APIs that are convenient to use, thoroughly analyzed, and completely trustworthy.

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API Development

API Development

In technical language, API is a collection of programming code that permits data to be transferred from one software application to another. It also includes the terms of this data transfer. API (Application Programming Interface) is a collection of instructions, constraints, and guidelines that allow one app or software to make use of services and features from another app, device, or platform to provide quality care. 

All applications that data integration or facilitate interactions between different products or services have an API as their foundation. It allows a smartphone app or platform to exchange data with other applications or platforms to improve the user experience without any need for programmers. Moreover, APIs reduce the need to create a comparable program or platform from the ground up; instead, you may utilize one from another app or platform. Because of these considerations, API development is a priority for both app developers and corporate executives.

Why Codencreative for API development

Our committed team of developers specializes in creating customized APIs that are trustworthy, simple to use, and well-documented. APIs are helping companies all over the world to go well beyond what they could have envisioned, improving and extending their services in exciting and innovative ways daily owing to flexible and efficient API interfaces. To stand out from the rest of the emerging companies you need to work with the professional seo services in india.

We've seen that the relevance of API integration, customization, and development has shifted dramatically. This is why, for the past 10+ years, we've been providing highly protected, accessible, and dynamic API development services to our clients, and seem to be leading specialists in API implementation and evolution. Our developers enrich and enhance services in new and creative ways because API development allows flexible integrations and customization of existing products or services.

API Development

Sub Services of API Development

Custom API integration

We understand the necessity of providing our clients with scalable and secure API development services. We've expanded our expertise in this field over the last 10 years to be one of the top professionals in customized API development and API integration. Everything including development and integration to documentation and deployment is covered by our customized API integration services. 

We also offer API maintenance and support to guarantee that everything runs smoothly and safely, involving creating API architectures, specific key encryptions for privacy, centralized repository features, dashboard controls, and authorization modules, and much more. When integrating and developing APIs, our engineers always follow best practices. We use established Microsoft technologies like Azure, Jitterbit, Dell Boomi, Anypoint, Funnel, and more to enhance online capabilities and connect different corporate processes with current apps.

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API Development

Internal and external API development solutions that handle difficulties with interactions, content, data transfer, functionality, and microservices are implemented. We set up APIs that work with a wide range of mobile devices, databases, search engines, and intranet systems. For corporate applications, our developers provide customized APIs. For both new and old applications, our APIs are designed to provide immediate access to application servers, business logic, functionalities, web services, and more. Our API development services for mobile, desktop, and cloud applications include creating service-oriented architectures (SOA), browsers, web sockets, operating systems, and more.

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API as a service

We provide REST API development, as well as Java, JSON, AJAX, SOAP, HTTP/HTTPS, XML, XHTML, and EDI technology solutions, as well as API as a Service (APIaas) and web API creation. We also integrate HTTP/SOAP interfaces and Docker containers with customized core functionality to implement AI-based services.

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API testing

We automate API testing and build and implement API integration testing systems to automate UI, security, performance, verification, capacity, execution, and other tests.

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Benefits of services

Customers can browse data via an API based on certain parameters, such as a date. That is because we exclusively evaluate modifications (updates, edits, and deletions) after the first data synchronization.

Generally, we would not want to see the entire data altered, but rather a small portion of it. In this case, the API should be able to figure out how much data to display at once and at what intervals. It should also tell the end-user how many pages of material are left.

To say with certainty that the end-user gets all of the data pages individually, the API will allow users to sort data by modification time or other criteria.

For efficient API development, we feel that considering your API to be RESTful (or having JSON support(REST)) is a smart idea. The REST APIs are persistent, lightweight, and allow you to retry the upload process for mobile apps if it fails.

Overall, the processing time is kept to a bare minimum, response time will be acceptable, and security is strong. After all, your application deals with a lot of data, therefore putting effort into the best practices for protecting it is essential.

How do we do it? 

Design: Firstly, we design and model APIs following specifications.

Build: In practically any language, we aim to provide reliable and reusable code for your API.

Document: Simultaneously, we keep track of everything to improve the developer experience by providing interactive API documentation.

Test: We conduct basic functional tests on your APIs without any overhead as part of the testing and validation process.

Standardize: API style standards and guidelines would be enforced throughout your API architecture.


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Hiring offshore specialised API app engineers has several advantages:
- The chance to collaborate with motivated and talented developers
- Complete control over the development process - Hiring a specialised staff ensures quality assurance and risk reduction

We send a professional and seasoned API app programmer to work on your project within a well-established IT set-up after thorough assessment of your project requirements. You may conduct as many interviews as you like before hiring API app developers of your choice.

If you want a low-cost, high-quality delivery, you should go with a mid-sized Indian API app development firm. The firm should have the following: 1) Have created at least 100 applications 2) A staff of over 20 API developers. 3) Clients from more than ten different countries

In addition to the core web APIs, there are web service APIs: SOAP is a shorthand for soap. - XML-RPC - JSON-RPC, and - REST.

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