E-commerce Development

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Ecommerce website design and development encompasses all the operations targeted at the establishment, management, and advancement of an online shop. Collaborate with Codencreative to find all of the skills you'll need for your e-commerce project's success in one place.

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E-commerce Development

E-commerce Development

The eCommerce market is now expanding at an exponential rate. eCommerce is most frequently used to refer to the online purchase of inventory materials, but it may also correspond to any form of online commercial transaction. eCommerce refers to the electronic transaction and selling of goods and services via the internet in its simplest form. Our e-commerce development services ensure that the most cutting-edge technology is used, as well as ongoing operation and maintenance to maintain service quality.

Although e-commerce is expanding at a rate of 23% year over year, the majority of businesses do not have an internet presence. Such firms are losing not merely to their competitors, but also their customers. Furthermore, e-commerce companies have yet to fully realize the enormous potential of e-commerce website solutions that may provide them with a competitive advantage.

Why Codencreative

Designing and building an eCommerce platform is not something that can be done on the spur of the moment; it takes professional expertise and years of experience. Codencreative provides industry-leading eCommerce development services that help businesses stay ahead of the competition and surpass sales targets.

Before beginning development, our industry-experienced experts have a thorough understanding of your business and objectives. As a result, we end up with eCommerce development solutions that are efficient, flexible, and trustable. We follow rigorous security requirements and use an agile approach throughout the process, from planning to delivery.

To be in such a market and stand out against similar products is a crucial work of research. We provide the best SEO services in Delhi to let your business come up during every related Google search.

E-commerce Development

B2C website development

Nowadays, with the increasing growth of online commerce, it is necessary to hire a B2C portal development provider. A B2C website is essentially a large e-commerce website through which end users may make direct purchases of goods and services via online transactions. We provide high-end solutions for selling your items directly to customers without the need for a third-party intermediary. We are a specialized B2C web development firm in Delhi that is well-versed in industry expectations. 

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B2B website development

The B2B web design team aims to create websites with simplified content and effective navigation, the most information with the fewest clicks, so that your business message is communicated fast and clearly. To convert website visitors into active customers, our B2B web design team builds clear, engaging, and well-placed visits. Our B2B site design, digital marketing, and development are all done with the latest SEO best practices in mind, ensuring that you rank higher for your key search phrases.

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Online marketplace development

A marketplace is a platform that brings buyers and sellers/vendors together in one location. Only the business owner and consumers are present in traditional e-commerce stores. We provide software for your company that allows for multi-vendor administration and a simple seller onboarding procedure. Our team is working on the project to ensure that your customers have the greatest possible concurrent checkout experience.

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Online multi-store

A multi-store approach lets you buy one e-commerce software license, run one codebase, and manage all of your business instances from the same admin interface. To offer worldwide growth, brand distinction, or multi-segment advertising, a multi-store is examined to assess numerous online stores or store views. We provide software with multiple marketplaces and role-based authorization for global, online, and store-specific administrator accounts for your firm.

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Benefits of services

Here are a few examples of how we distinguish ourselves as a company when it comes to e-commerce developing digital store experience.

Our eCommerce design team uses agile approaches to create an appealing website that is suited to your company's demands. We are an eCommerce software development company that uses the most up-to-date methods and techniques to create a high-quality website that prioritizes functionality, privacy, efficiency, and consistency.

We create effective eCommerce marketing campaigns and perform on-page and off-page SEO operations to improve your e-commerce website's online exposure. Our marketing team targets company objectives by providing data-driven eCommerce SEO strategies and marketing technologies to increase website traffic.

For improved customer ease and security, we integrate major payment gateways and mobile wallets into your website. Paypal, GooglePay, Paytm and other payment systems are used by our eCommerce developers.

We provide 24x7 help for your consumers by creating and integrating a sophisticated chatbot with thinking abilities into your eCommerce website. By asking consumers the correct questions, the chatbot enhances customer service.

We regularly monitor your eCommerce website's major performance metrics to guarantee that it runs well across devices (KPIs). Our analytics team is always modifying and implementing strategies to find new ways to improve the efficiency of websites over time.

How do we do it?

Our e-commerce development team follows a particular path for the development of the software which includes the following steps:

Discovery & Research 
Every engagement begins with a thorough exploration to determine what makes your company sparkle. Following that, we'll provide you a list of recommendations based on your company and technological requirements.

User Experience & Design
Our professional eCommerce designers collaborate with our development team to provide a solid foundation for the functioning of your business. Wireframes and architecture for your site are created based on your overall plan. Our designers develop contemporary layouts that bring the vision of your website to life. To enhance brand awareness, we deploy images, graphics, and motions.

Website Development 
Our eCommerce website development team is qualified and will bring your concept to life with adaptive and personalized features. We offer you get the most from your innovative infrastructure platform, from confidential app creation to customizable extension creation using third-party technologies.

SEO & Content strategy
Your website is only as good as the amount of traffic it receives. This is why our marketing team collaborates closely with our specialists to ensure that your website's contents and goods are enhanced for organic search results. We can help you improve the visibility, loading speed, and interactivity of your content.

Quality Assurance 
We use A/B and multivariate tests to progressively enhance your site. We modify call-to-actions and icon colours in a never-ending cycle of improvement, ultimately increasing the speed of your website.

Website support
We make sure that your website develops with your business over time, from software upgrades to webpage design and extended eCommerce website development. Codencreative is here to help you keep your site running smoothly even after it's published.

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Codencreative is a responsive web design industry leader that has been developing responsive web design technologies for many years. With mobile online sales increasing, having a mobile-optimized eCommerce site is more vital than ever. Every website we construct is responsive, and you'll collaborate with your eCommerce designer to create user interfaces for both desktop and mobile eCommerce websites.

Every eCommerce website we design adheres to our standard SEO best practices and is "SEO friendly." During development, we try our utmost to lay the SEO basis for the website. Many of our websites perform quite well based just on creation, but we advocate an ongoing SEO strategy to reach competitive keywords.

All of our eCommerce websites employ SSL encryption, which is the industry standard for website security. All websites are built by the most recent PCI compliance requirements. Your website can accept payments without storing this sensitive data by using a third-party payment gateway, limiting your liability.

One of our specialisations is redesigning eCommerce websites. There are several factors of a redesign to consider before commencing the project to guarantee that the redesign surpasses your expectations. We'll take you through the alternatives and build a plan of attack to make the website a success, from keeping search engine rankings to adding bespoke features that make operating your business easier.

Yes, we've just introduced simpler eCommerce products to the market, allowing us to assist startups and small eCommerce enterprises in getting started. These websites continue to provide the same sophisticated CMS, as well as the Onveos eCommerce shopping cart platform, and allow you to own your design and source code. We would be glad to guide you through your options if you asked a Codencreative representative about simpler eCommerce solutions.

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