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Bchill Studio faces the challenge of overhauling their website to establish an efficient online studio booking platform. This platform must allow users to easily select the desired number of hours and studio type while checking availability based on service and studio type. Additionally, ensuring seamless and secure payment processing, along with hassle-free receipt of invoices and email confirmations, presents a significant challenge.

Another challenge for Bchill is to implement online mixing and mastering booking functionality on their website. Users will need to upload all stems of songs, with charges automatically calculated according to the stems. Ensuring a smooth payment process and providing users with the ability to track progress and receive notifications upon job completion or download options further complicates this endeavor.

Bchill Studio also aims to integrate a credit system, allowing users to utilize credits for booking service slots. This presents a challenge in terms of system implementation and ensuring seamless integration with the existing booking platform.


Efficient Online Studio Booking Platform:

  • Streamlined User Interface: CodeNCreative has crafted an intuitive interface allowing users to effortlessly select their preferred hours and studio type.
  • Real-Time Availability Check: Our team has implemented a dynamic feature that instantly updates availability based on service and studio type selections.
  • Secure Payment Integration: We've seamlessly integrated a trusted payment gateway, ensuring smooth and secure transactions for our clients.
  • Automated Invoicing and Confirmation: With our automated system in place, clients receive invoices and email confirmations promptly post-booking, minimizing user effort.

Online Mixing and Mastering Booking Functionality:

  • Simplified Stem Upload: Our platform boasts a user-friendly upload feature for song stems, providing clear guidance throughout the process.
  • Precise Automated Pricing: CodeNCreative has developed precise algorithms for automatic pricing based on uploaded stems, guaranteeing accuracy and transparency.
  • Progress Monitoring: Clients can now effortlessly monitor the progress of their mixing and mastering projects in real-time, thanks to our integrated dashboard feature.
  • Effortless Notification System: Our notification setup ensures clients receive instant alerts upon project completion, with convenient download options available directly from their dashboard.

Integration of Credit System for Booking:

  • Seamless Credit Management: Our team has engineered a robust credit management system, empowering users to effortlessly purchase and utilize credits for service bookings.
  • Smooth Integration: We've seamlessly integrated the credit system into our existing booking platform, delivering a cohesive user experience.
  • Transparent Credit Tracking: Clients can now easily track their credit balance and transaction history, providing enhanced transparency and control over their bookings.

With these solutions implemented by CodeNCreative, Bchill Studio now enjoys a cutting-edge online platform for studio bookings, mixing, and mastering services, delivering an unparalleled user experience.

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