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Before starting the project, the founder of Uspeek wants to undertake body language analysis, voice analysis, and communication analysis. However, the challenges lie in:

Body Language Analysis: The challenge here is how to analyze body language effectively. This involves extracting frames from videos, deciphering body movements, and obtaining accurate results.

Voice Analysis: Another challenge is voice analysis, particularly dealing with video recordings that may contain background noise and varying audio frequencies.

Communication Analysis: Understanding and analyzing communication patterns pose another hurdle.

Body language and voice analysis are highly complex tasks. Initially, the founder considered a 20% automated and 80% manual approach. However, upon understanding the requirements and analyzing the situation, it was suggested to move towards 100% automation to ensure the application functions optimally, especially for managing large volumes of users. Both the founders, Jenny, and Shammi Pant agreed on this decision, showing confidence in achieving complete automation within the application.


The project successfully overcame the challenges outlined, achieving 100% automation within the application. For body language analysis, precise and accurate results were attained by leveraging computer vision techniques to analyze all movements of body parts. By extracting coordinates from video frames and conducting mathematical analyses, comprehensive body language insights were generated. Similar methodologies were applied to voice and audio analysis, ensuring thorough examination and interpretation.

Today, the uSpeek application is utilized worldwide, catering to esteemed clients such as IIFL, Maruti Suzuki, SRL, Axis Bank, KPMG, MG Motors, and many more. uSpeek empowers users to enhance their communication skills through innovative artificial intelligence algorithms. By assessing body language, vocal tone, and linguistic choices, uSpeek offers personalized feedback and tailored exercises. Users benefit from increased confidence, refined public speaking abilities, and a more compelling communication style, making uSpeek a valuable tool for professional and personal development.

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